Mar 24, 2006

baby boa

i made a baby boa scarf for my friend kristi's first of two bridal showers, which was on march 9th. i used lion brand fun fur prints in mango and size 8 needles i believe. yeah, that sounds about right. man, that stuff was slippery on those plastic needles! it took awhile to get used to. i used a ball and a bit more in seed stitch. this was the first seed stitch and i'm pretty sure i did it right. it ended up that was fun. i decided that at her first shower she will get hand-made lovin and next time she'll get that Target flatware, etc.

this is the scarf in the only picture on its own that turned out decent (those colors didn't like the backgrounds i had for it, nor did the texture of the fur like my flash)

and this is kristi sporting the beautiful baby boa while sippin on some "punch"

Mar 8, 2006

bookmarks for swap

raingirl, matchbookmark, readermonkey

I made these in Nov. of 2005 for the Bookmark Swap #4 on craftster.
they were fun.
matchbookmark was an actual matchbook from the seventies that i enlarged and colored a bit.
the reader monkey's fur was from pics of a "bearskin rug" in a magazine.
raingirl was some singer who looked like she needed a robot face.

pieces of my heart

this is bud. he's hangin out with the heart pillow i made for my friend allison's birthday the second week of february. the pattern came from crochetme

i wanted to practice seaming, and it was her birthday that week so it worked out well.

i didn't put enough fiberfill in it and I used some crappy acrylic yarn that i got for x-mas in the "yarn basket" from jeff & erika.

allison liked it, but she left it at kristi's. krist told me the other day that she still has it and she's going to keep it because she thinks it's kickass. i'm glad someone appreciates it.

wenk's scarf

blocks of gray and black Caron acrylic no-dye lot in garter stitch size 10 needles. this was my first color change project in knitting. i changed colors by knitting 2 with new color. not sure if i like how it looks, and i was really nervous about it coming undone. next time i'll definitely tie on new color. he's had several comments!