Feb 26, 2007

felt balls

yesterday, we were all recovering from (hopefully the last) winter storm...out of boredom I decided to try my hand at making some felt balls with the left over roving i had from my felted soap venture earlier this winter. it was a lot of fun to make these things...and i think i could like the idea of making stuff out billions of little felt balls...

also i just finished this weird little owl thing i started out of felt scraps like a month ago...

Feb 19, 2007

another beanie + pom pom!

On thurday night, Rayna showed me how to make pom-poms...i started a hat from some of the huge bag of yarn i got for christmas and just finished it last night! I think i could have made it a bit longer, but oh well...

Feb 15, 2007

successful beanie!

i finally made a beanie that will fit a normal adult-sized head! i used this pattern as an example for the amount of increases needed. I used two strands of worsted weight acrylic yarn in contrasting colors with an N hook (that i finally purchased the other day!). i wasn't planning on having the green band at the bottom, but i ran out of the yellow...and actually i think it looks much better than it would have with all yellow and green. its too big for me, and too small for the BF's GIANT head, so i'll be passing this one along to some lucky cranium.
i swear i'm not covering up herpes in this pic. or am i? afterall, it is the day after VD...

*edit* here's the new and proud owner of the hat,our neighbor, Chris.

Feb 12, 2007

pantalones & kitty toys

so, i made some pajama pants out of the fabric the wonderful Kristi Papesh gave me as a gift. i did okay, but didn't really make the casing (waist) the right size for the width of the elastic. Sometimes my patience is limited, especially when i'm excited, so instead of ripping the seam out and trying again - i forged forward. they work... they stay on my ass and keep my legs warm...but i've learned my lesson. my next pair will be fabulous!

i also broke out the sewing machine and some felt pieces the other day and created some avereage-looking simple cat toys. the kitties freaked out. check it:

oh crap, and i forgot to mention that i FINALLY met a person of the male persuasion that knows how to crochet!!!! life is good.