Oct 11, 2007

things to carry things

since i've moved to montana, i really haven't made anything. i definitely haven't posted anything on this blog for quite some time. recently, my mom told me how how make a really simple, flimsy bag out of an old t-shirt. making these bags out of "my sized" shirts is just ridiculous, so i went to the local goodwill and found a couple of baby-sized t-shirts to experiment with. they're still pretty ridiculous and flimsy, but also fun.

i've also made my first wallet with some kickass vintage fabric that my mom's friend, who runs a recycling center, salvaged for me. mom sent a care package for me not to long ago with a bunch of crafty seasonal stuff that she had made, and also enough of this fabric to make a king sized blanket and have enough left to reupholster a large sofa. anyway, my previous wallet had mysteriously disappeared...then i found it three days later in the trash and smelling like rotten bananas. what motivation to create something new!!! i'm pretty proud of it...