Oct 30, 2006

crappy, ugly granny square scarf

haha...so i made these granny squares probably over 6 months ago. they were my granny experiments and i found them tonight in the "wicker craft shelving unti thing" -as i call it. i decided to put all the little squares together and make an ugly scarf. i did a REALLY CRAPPY attachment job, and i absolutely HATE the vibrant colors. hahah. i'm posting a bulletin on myspace and i'll give it to the person with the most enthusiastic reply.

Oct 22, 2006

first hat

so, i decided to finally try my hand at crocheting a beanie. i used worsted weight yarn with an I hook. the pattern that i used called for lionbrand homespun yarn with a K hook....which would explain why it turned out MUCH smaller than i anticipated. i guess i didn't make the correct adjustments. i've learned my lesson....and it's a good thing i know a 2 yr old that might be able to wear it!

Oct 4, 2006

a lot of recent crap

well, i finished another scarf with big needles. i used some Yarn Bee brand Icelandic Jewels that i found at hobby lobby on sale earlier this year.

the clay stuff is more neon and black swirly pens and my first attempt at a lace cane with autumn colors. i also made a random pendant out of slices of that silly looking face cane and experimented with carving some trees and adding some embossing powder for scrapbooking that lindsey lent me a long time ago. they didn't really turn out howi wanted...but now i know, and knowing is half the battle!

oh, the mooninite keychains were done with perler beads, of course.

and the marble magnets are left over cane slices

+ i added a pic of one of the postcards that i've been sending to my friend, geoffrey. i'm doing a series of these postcards based on the pictured woman's life. someone gave me an album they found in a dumpster behind a thrift store over a year ago, and i've finally found a use for it!

Sep 27, 2006


so i ventured into the world of polymer clay inclusions. i made some coffee scented coffee bean beads!!! i used some free samples of nescafe instant decaf - crushed them up a bit, and-yay! i tried some rootbeer flavoring on something the other day, but it didn't work. i think i'll try some cinnamon or vanilla bean on something else...

otherwise, i tried my hand at some canes other than the jellyroll variety. i did a smiley face (which i forgot to take a pic of) and a weirdo face cane. i decided to make a few slices into beads and gave the dude some wire hair.

Sep 20, 2006


today i went to my mom's and we cruised the countryside for some bittersweet vines. as we were waiting for the vines to dry, i decided to try my hand at a sculpey bittersweet berry. haha...

Sep 17, 2006

scarf head face

made a simple garter stitch scarf in lionbrand homespun with size 19 needles. so simple, yet so pleasing! woo! and now for the lovely models:

Sep 15, 2006


ooooooooooooooooooooooooh yes! more pens! i'm in love with the spiral ones - i must make more!

Sep 11, 2006

más arte de la arcilla

made some more things from clay today. i absolutely HAD to cover some BIC stics. i think i need to buy a million packages of them because they're cheap and it's really fun to cover them. oh yeah, plus some more beads and a pair of super fugly earrings made with leftovers.

Sep 5, 2006

marbled beads

so, i've been making beads with the polyclay. woo! i have to post pics. NOW.

oh yes, and also more donut earrings.

Aug 29, 2006

the world of polymer clay

so i've finally experimented with polymer clay, more specifically - sculpey (since it's all i can get around here without ordering online). i've made a couple pairs of earrings and some beads, which i made the kickass skull bracelet out of. check it.

Jul 25, 2006

recent bits of fun

i finally got around to crocheting a "hacky" - well actually a kickbag. it's regulation and everything! i filled it with dried lentils...heh.

also, for wenk's birthday last week i decided to get some perler beads and make some kick ass nintendo themed keychains for the both of us...

and finally, i cut up a michael jackson BAD album - since i only had the cover, not the actual record itself- and made some postcards. this is one i sent to a buddy in ames the other day.

May 5, 2006

one sock and bathroom decor

so, i've finally partially finished my first knitting project that wasn't a scarf!!! one sock! now all i have to do is make the match. it should go faster now that i kind of know what i'm doing with the double pointed needles. here it is!!!!

i used some cheapo Red Heart sport weight color: Aran Fleck thinking that it would be the smart thing to do since i didn't really know what i was doing. i do have some actual (and kickass) sock yarn for the next pair. oh, and i used Inox size 4 double pointed needles (dpns). they were awesome except for the fact that i overlooked the length when i ordered them. they're 12" and they were a lot of fun to try to wrestle while trying to keep from poking my eyes out.

secondly, i FINALLY re-did these wall hangings that i purchased at a bookstore over a year ago. i was inspired by craftster.org's thrift store art revamp craft challenge (thanks). here are before and after pics. woo! now my bathroom is officially the most coordinated room in our living quarters.

Mar 24, 2006

baby boa

i made a baby boa scarf for my friend kristi's first of two bridal showers, which was on march 9th. i used lion brand fun fur prints in mango and size 8 needles i believe. yeah, that sounds about right. man, that stuff was slippery on those plastic needles! it took awhile to get used to. i used a ball and a bit more in seed stitch. this was the first seed stitch and i'm pretty sure i did it right. it ended up stretchy...so that was fun. i decided that at her first shower she will get hand-made lovin and next time she'll get that Target flatware, etc.

this is the scarf in the only picture on its own that turned out decent (those colors didn't like the backgrounds i had for it, nor did the texture of the fur like my flash)

and this is kristi sporting the beautiful baby boa while sippin on some "punch"

Mar 8, 2006

bookmarks for swap

raingirl, matchbookmark, readermonkey

I made these in Nov. of 2005 for the Bookmark Swap #4 on craftster.
they were fun.
matchbookmark was an actual matchbook from the seventies that i enlarged and colored a bit.
the reader monkey's fur was from pics of a "bearskin rug" in a magazine.
raingirl was some singer who looked like she needed a robot face.

pieces of my heart

this is bud. he's hangin out with the heart pillow i made for my friend allison's birthday the second week of february. the pattern came from crochetme

i wanted to practice seaming, and it was her birthday that week so it worked out well.

i didn't put enough fiberfill in it and I used some crappy acrylic yarn that i got for x-mas in the "yarn basket" from jeff & erika.

allison liked it, but she left it at kristi's. krist told me the other day that she still has it and she's going to keep it because she thinks it's kickass. i'm glad someone appreciates it.

wenk's scarf

blocks of gray and black Caron acrylic no-dye lot in garter stitch size 10 needles. this was my first color change project in knitting. i changed colors by knitting 2 with new color. not sure if i like how it looks, and i was really nervous about it coming undone. next time i'll definitely tie on new color. he's had several comments!