Oct 4, 2006

a lot of recent crap

well, i finished another scarf with big needles. i used some Yarn Bee brand Icelandic Jewels that i found at hobby lobby on sale earlier this year.

the clay stuff is more neon and black swirly pens and my first attempt at a lace cane with autumn colors. i also made a random pendant out of slices of that silly looking face cane and experimented with carving some trees and adding some embossing powder for scrapbooking that lindsey lent me a long time ago. they didn't really turn out howi wanted...but now i know, and knowing is half the battle!

oh, the mooninite keychains were done with perler beads, of course.

and the marble magnets are left over cane slices

+ i added a pic of one of the postcards that i've been sending to my friend, geoffrey. i'm doing a series of these postcards based on the pictured woman's life. someone gave me an album they found in a dumpster behind a thrift store over a year ago, and i've finally found a use for it!

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