Sep 27, 2006


so i ventured into the world of polymer clay inclusions. i made some coffee scented coffee bean beads!!! i used some free samples of nescafe instant decaf - crushed them up a bit, and-yay! i tried some rootbeer flavoring on something the other day, but it didn't work. i think i'll try some cinnamon or vanilla bean on something else...

otherwise, i tried my hand at some canes other than the jellyroll variety. i did a smiley face (which i forgot to take a pic of) and a weirdo face cane. i decided to make a few slices into beads and gave the dude some wire hair.

Sep 20, 2006


today i went to my mom's and we cruised the countryside for some bittersweet vines. as we were waiting for the vines to dry, i decided to try my hand at a sculpey bittersweet berry. haha...

Sep 17, 2006

scarf head face

made a simple garter stitch scarf in lionbrand homespun with size 19 needles. so simple, yet so pleasing! woo! and now for the lovely models:

Sep 15, 2006


ooooooooooooooooooooooooh yes! more pens! i'm in love with the spiral ones - i must make more!

Sep 11, 2006

más arte de la arcilla

made some more things from clay today. i absolutely HAD to cover some BIC stics. i think i need to buy a million packages of them because they're cheap and it's really fun to cover them. oh yeah, plus some more beads and a pair of super fugly earrings made with leftovers.

Sep 5, 2006

marbled beads

so, i've been making beads with the polyclay. woo! i have to post pics. NOW.

oh yes, and also more donut earrings.