May 5, 2006

one sock and bathroom decor

so, i've finally partially finished my first knitting project that wasn't a scarf!!! one sock! now all i have to do is make the match. it should go faster now that i kind of know what i'm doing with the double pointed needles. here it is!!!!

i used some cheapo Red Heart sport weight color: Aran Fleck thinking that it would be the smart thing to do since i didn't really know what i was doing. i do have some actual (and kickass) sock yarn for the next pair. oh, and i used Inox size 4 double pointed needles (dpns). they were awesome except for the fact that i overlooked the length when i ordered them. they're 12" and they were a lot of fun to try to wrestle while trying to keep from poking my eyes out.

secondly, i FINALLY re-did these wall hangings that i purchased at a bookstore over a year ago. i was inspired by's thrift store art revamp craft challenge (thanks). here are before and after pics. woo! now my bathroom is officially the most coordinated room in our living quarters.