Jul 24, 2009

resin casting!

I've been toying with the idea of resin casting for a long time and about a month ago decided to purchase some Easy Cast 2-step epoxy resin and give it a try! I did a bit of research about mold types, inclusions, etc. for a couple of weeks then finally started casting. I found a cool little ice cube tray for $1 to use in the experimental pour.

I made a few heart shaped magnets with candy and popcorn kernel inclusions, also Wenk asked to have a Big Sky Brewery bottle cap turned into a magnet.

After the first round of casting I was hooked and started coming up with ideas for things to use as inclusions. I also bought two bangle bracelet molds on eBay off of a nice lady in Texas who has a "resin obsession," and a sweet store of casting supplies because of it. The first round of bracelets is made with plastic bb inclusions. I found an old stash of Wenk's airsoft pellets supplies and went to town. I'm afraid I may be well the way to my own little resin obsession with this bangle thing because the bbs are super cheap and come in a million different colors...

check out my Etsy shop for the opportunity to purchase some of these items!

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