Sep 27, 2010

Yogurt Cheese

Today I've decide to try my hand at making yogurt cheese. It should take at least six hours for the finished product, so I might as well talk about the process while I'm waiting!

The main idea behind making yogurt cheese, or any cheese for that matter, it getting the extra milk product liquid, or whey, out of the yogurt. I've concocted a drainage system using a mesh strainer, coffee filter and a bowl. I put about a cup of plain non-fat yogurt in the contraption, covered it with plastic wrap and placed in the fridge. Now, I just have to rely on the magical powers of gravity to draw out the excess moisture over the next several hours!

I've never tasted yogurt cheese, but my sources say both the flavor and texture will be like a cream cheese or neufchatel. I'm thinking that once it's complete, I'll pour some homemade jalapeno jelly over it and sample it with a cracker.

 I wonder what I might be able to create using the whey...

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