Apr 4, 2011

Food Update

I've decided to upload recent pics from my camera, most of which are of recent food adventures.

Here we have my first ever homemade tapioca pudding! It was quite delicious and economical!

This is my "Turnover Experiment" using a cherry pie filling and some phyllo dough. They tasted great, but didn't hold up well overnight.

 A Spinach & Artichoke Lasagna.

Some pie risers/stands I made with items from a thrift store. We may end up using some of these for our wedding pie buffet. I haven't decided whether or not to paint them...
 Why not make a pie to test out on a pie stand? An orange chiffon pie - recipe from Joy of Cooking. I LOVE making pie crust in the food processor!

 The stand seems to be holding up! Success!

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