Mar 27, 2011

Tired. Full of Milk.

Tired, but I feel obligated to blog something. Tonight for supper we made the Chicken & Rice Casserole recipe from The Joy of Cooking (not the shortcut version with cream of ___ soup). If you don't own that cookbook, get it. Now. Seriously.

The recipe called for cream or milk or some sort of dairy to make a white sauce base. Luckily, I had participated in my family's monthly movie day today and acquired some fresh cow milk from my step-brother to use. He said it tested at like 4.8% milkfat, which is 4.8 more than what I'm used to. I do have to admit, it was probably the best tasting milk I have ever had. I'm excited that I can now proudly say that I've sampled REAL, FRESH milk. They had only strained and cooled it before I drank it. I really don't care for milk all that much and what I buy at the store is skim, which is blasphemy according to my dear brother.

After testing the fresh milk then cooking with it, I kind of feel like a new, rich and creamy dairy product is being created deep in my bowels. I should probably do some exercising and consuming of extra fiber tomorrow. Eh, tiredness makes me more blunt about my bodily well-being than usual. My apologies. I will make it up with a pretty collection from ArtFire.

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