Mar 16, 2011

Etsy Front Page!

This morning I logged into my Etsy account, only to see one of my beautiful patterns on the front page!!!!!!!!! And yes, the of !'s is directly related to level of excitement! Not only was the front page image waiting for me, but so was a sale! What a great way to start a day!

Here's a link to the pattern: Musashi Pattern

Besides Etsy excitement, life is settling down a bit. We have all of our belongings moved from the old dump to the new place. Not everything is organized and in it's permaneant home yet, but we're close. The kitchen, bathroom and living room are completely done and I would have to say that they're probably the most important rooms, so we're in good shape.

Last night I made some DIY pie stands/risers as an experiment. We're having a pie buffet instead of a big ugly wedding cake for our party, and I decided we should have some depth to the display. I went to the Salvation Army and found a couple of glasses and lightweight plates, went across the street to the hardware store to get some adhesive, then bonded them together! (I'll edit this with pictures once I find my usb cord for my camera I promise).

There also happened to be a mini-marathon of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe on after I made these stands, one episode in which he made blueberry pies with old ladies. After watching that fiasco, I decided I will make a pie today. I flipped through my bible (The Joy of Cooking), and decided on an Orange chiffon pie because I just happen to have a mound of organic oranges that I need to use. I'll just have to go buy some gelatin, which isn't an ordinary purchase for me.

Oh, and in weddings news, I received a package of flexible leaf molds to use for cream cheese mints! I may try to make little chocolates with them too, I don't know. I should have another package arriving soon of maple leaf molds to go along with them. Only 6.5 months left until the big day!

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