Mar 24, 2011


My goal for the blog this week was originally to post pics and explanations of the awesome foods I've created recently. That quickly changed last night once I decided to jump on the ArtFire bandwagon. I've been contemplating joining with a Pro membership for awhile, but couldn't bring myself to spend the ten bucks to do so. This month I've grossed over $100 in my Etsy shop (not bad for the 2nd month!) and decided that the ten dollars spent on ArtFire couldn't really do any harm. I may still try to get the food pics up tomorrow, but I'm doubtful it will happen. Hey, at least I'm honest!

Here's a link to my Studio. NicheStitch on ArtFire

I'm slowly uploading everything that I have on Etsy to the Artfire studio. So far I LOVE the interface. It seems a lot easier and faster to list items. I realize that my copy and paste from Etsy description to Artfire's cuts down a lot of time, but seriously, the listing process is all on one page and the upload time for photos seems faster, or maybe it's also because it's all on one page and I can insert data into another field while the image is uploading? Yes!

Also, I'm totally in love with the unlimited listings for the ten bucks. I easily spend that every month on Etsy with regular listings and renewals. Oh oh oh! AND ArtFire automatically uploads listings to "Gbase" aka Google product search. I spent A DAY trying to figure out how to get my Etsy listings to feed into a Google Merchant account only to find out that you can't upload products from a third party website yourself, the website has to do it for you. Thank you, ArtFire, for uploading my products for me!

I must sound like ArtFire has paid me to write this article. I assure you they have not. I'm just super excited about using this fabulous website that is growing in popularity amongst the handmade online marketplace. I'm also feeling a little guilty because I've loved Etsy since 2005. It almost feels like cheating...adultery...betraying my host site. I am still very loyal to Etsy, however, and will continue to utilize their services. They've changed a lot over the years for the better and although ArtFire is definitely "winning" in my life right now, Etsy will always have a place in my heart.

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

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