Feb 24, 2011

Need a name for the sauce!

Yesterday's supper consisted of leftover pork roast, pulled, with some of Wenk's sweet & spicy sauce, which is probably the best sauce in the world!

This sauce was originally used at his former employer's business back in Missoula as a wing sauce, and Wenk was lucky enough to be one of the guys that prepared it. We got addicted to it and started putting it on everything, so he brought the recipe along with us to Iowa. We have since got his parents and a couple of friends hooked on it and have decided that at our upcoming wedding reception, the main dish will be, in typical Iowa fashion, pulled pork sandwiches. We will use this sauce on half, and create another, not-so-hot sauce for the wimps in our guest list.

I've decided that we need to rename the sauce, which was originally named Smitty's Sauce after it's creator. We've crossed state lines with the sauce and are introducing it to a whole new audience which I think calls for renaming.

Some ideas so far: Wenky's Sauce, Stolen Sauce, Wenk's Sweet & Hot Sauce, Wenk's Sweet & Spicy Sauce, Wenk's Wing Sauce...and I'm sure there are a few more but I can't recall. I think I will set a goal to have it renamed by our wedding in October!

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